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2020 TEAM

      Justice, Security, Freedom, and Equality are all characteristics of an ideal society. Is it possible for us to achieve that goal? All these words stem from one root; education. To achieve a society where justice is served, safety is provided, equality is the norm, and people are free, we need to refer back to education and civilization. 
      We live at a time where all people, regardless of gender, race, and wealth are blemished by the effects of the current global pandemic. The pandemic halted all aspects of society, greatly affecting the lifestyle of everyone. At that moment we knew that all of the experiences we had gathered up need to be put into a project that would prove useful for the times we live, and ensure that we are still connected and supporting each other. That is how MUNIVERSAL was born, through the spirit of multiple youth community leaders a team was born to show the impact that our youth has on our world and how they are an essential part of life after the pandemic. Our first edition of MUNIVERSAL was held on the 30th and 31st of May and based in Africa, Asia and Europe. The conference was a huge success as it held 11 committees and received more than 400 applications.
      Now we are stepping into the Americas region to further our scope of spreading education support and connectivity. We welcome you to join us on the twenty-seventh of June to debate upon global issues; we, as a human race, suffer from and discuss possible solutions to reach a better understanding of our world.



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